The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group


The DFWCUG is an organization in Dallas TX that works with and helps organize new Cisco Users Groups in the US.

The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group is an independent users group which meets on the first Wednesday of each month for the open exchange of technical information regarding the networking industry and Cisco products for the benefit of Cisco users.
Our meetings are free to attend - all we ask is that you sign up via our membership / meeting announcements mailing list.

We also have a pizza buffet starting at 6:00 pm (no charge) with the main meeting starting at 6:30 pm.

Our Next Meeting - Wednesday May 2, 2018

MPLS & L3VPNs made so easy that my grandma can understand it.

This presentation will cover the concepts of using Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and other network technologies and concepts to implement Layer-3 Virtual Private Networks (L3VPNs). It will not only cover topics such as Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF’s), Route Descriptors (RD) and Route Targets (RT) but it will do so in a way that makes L3VPNs easy to understand. (So easy you will be able to explain it to your Grandmother.)


Narbik Kocharians, CCIE# 12410 (RS, Sec, SP), CEO - Micronics Training

A Triple CCIE and Cisco Press Author with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Narbik has designed, implemented and supported numerous enterprise networks. Some of the companies that he worked for are IBM, Carlton United Breweries, Australian Cable and Wireless, BP, AMOCO and in US, 20th Century Ins., Home Saving of America, Verizon, TTI, Trinet Inc, NLI, Anderson Networking and Consulting and many more. He’s been teaching CCIE R&S classes for the past 12 years.

Narbik loves teaching CCIE R&S classes, simplifying complex topics and configs is what I love the most.

Narbik Kocharians

Sponsor for May 2, 2018

DFWCUG welcomes
GDT as our monthly meeting sponsor for May 2018


GDT is an award winning technology integration partner with expertise in the delivery of enterprise network, collaboration, mobility and data center technologies to service providers, large enterprises, and businesses of all sizes. In business since 1996, GDT has a successful track record in designing, building, and delivering complex solutions.

DESIGN IT. GDT solution architects and engineers realize the vision of both business leaders and IT professionals by designing powerful and scalable IT ecosystems that increase resource productivity.

BUILD IT. We build, stage, configure, and test our best-of-breed technology solutions in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the continuation of a client’s business operations.

DELIVER IT. GDT delivers true, turnkey installations, knowledge transfer and training, and satisfied clients that meet their business objectives.

If you would like to learn more about GDT visit or call 214-857-6100.

Devin Delaney
Account Manager
(262) 227-2928


Our Last Meeting - Wednesday April 4, 2018

Using Python + Netmiko to Enable Network Automation


Netmiko is a multi-vendor Python library that simplifies network automation. This talk will discuss how to use Netmiko to enable network automation. Various Netmiko use cases will be discussed including connecting to devices, retrieving information, making configuration changes, and troubleshooting. The talk will also discuss using Netmiko-tools, a set of command-line tools based upon Netmiko.


Kirk Byers, Founder - Twin Bridges Technology

Kirk Byers is the founder of Twin Bridges Technology–a technology business in San Francisco. He teaches Python and Ansible courses for Network Engineers and writes about network automation at He is the creator of the Netmiko, Python Library and is a core maintainer on the NAPALM project. He is a long-time network engineer (CCIE #6243 emeritus), has extensive experience with *nix system administration, and is a Python programmer.

He is interested in programming and networking and how to improve network engineering practices through automation.


The DFWCUG wishes to thank Glow Networks for being our meeting sponsor for April 2018


Glow Networks was established in 1999 as a solutions provider to Nortel Networks, with a focus on optical networking solutions. Since then, Glow Networks has grown to become a preferred solutions provider to Cisco, particularly to the Advanced Services Group. Glow Networks has many CCIE certified and senior level engineers working around the US in a variety or roles supporting Cisco. In addition, we provide Project Management support to various groups within Cisco.

Local Contact:

Mark Jacobs